Phantoms 101 – Healers

Healer Phantom Card - Art by Anna Campbell Art

Path of the Healer Phantom

Phantoms reside in the depths of a Savants’ soul until, with training, they are raised, held to solid form and directed to help, serve and defend the realms. Healer phantoms, like their savants, have high levels of compassion and intuition and are trained in healing arts, potions and even poisons in times of war.

Healer Basics

Healer savant with snake Phantom - art bu Susan Sudonn Boulet
Healer with snake phantom – art by Susan Sedonn Boulet

Native Land: Healers are most prevalent in the realms of Tangeen and Nonnova.

Appearance: Usually animal form, serpent, bird, humanoid (hands) or even part human part animal like a hybrid, but generally not too large (full-sized horses, elephants) not aquatic or rock-like. Must have delicate touch of some kind, mouths, teeth and be able to bleed, inject and move energy up and down the chakras.

Abilities: Heals humans, animal or plants as directed by their savants including crop damage, disease, wounds, psychological illness, congenital disease (Bone Throwers usually direct these to the black-sailed ships for sacrifice to the sea).

Development of the Healer

Healer phantoms develop the quickest, depending on how much study (ability) the savant has. The savant has their work cut out for them, learning anatomy, physiology, (human, animal and plant) herbal treatments, potions, curatives, poisons. It’s like attending medical school while learning to control and direct their phantom. These are the most compassionate and loving of the phantom/savants pair, soft and gentle though they can be strong in battle when necessary. Healer phantoms will fiercely protect their savant and their loved ones.

A healer phantom - Crown of Bones by AK Wilder. -  Image by Susan Sedonn Boulet.
Healer Phantom – Image ‘composing’ by Tara Brach.

Raise. Your. Phantom.

How about you? Does the healer class resonate with your inner phantom? Or would you prefer to raise an alter, ouster, warrior or caller? Let us know in the comments? Let us know in the comments.

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