In the Amassia series, there are some words and references that could be confusing to pronounce, so…

Amassia Series books 1 & 2
Crown of Bones & Curse of Shadows books 1 & 2 in the Amassia Series

Audio reading to the rescue!

I was asked to provide this for the voice actors at Tantor Media and am now posting it for you too. Follow along with me, on the list below.

Agapha – a tree-like phantom.

Amassia – a fantasy world with a single continent.

An’awntia – the ultimate state to which we all strive.

Asyleen – a mountain Sanctuary in Sierrak.

Atikis – a deadly red-robe savant.

Aturnia – two relams, north and south, in Amassia.

Avon Eyre – a mystical sanctuary at the top of the world.

Baiseen – the city Ash and Marcus are from.

Bucheen – the master healer on Aku.

Brogal – the High Savant of Baiseen.

De’ral – Marcus’s phantom.

Gaveren the Great – a HUGE phantom out of history.

Huewin – the librarian on Aku.

Klaavic – a kind of fish soup.

Kutoon – a Sancutary and city in Gollnar.

Larseen (Lars) – yellow-robe savant and friend of Marus (and Rhiannon).

Lepsea – the Sanctuary where Tann presides.

Ma’ata – the corals rising from the bones of the old gods.

Natsari – a phantom out of legend.

Nonnova – the island realm to the southwest of Baiseen.

Ochee – a wonderful spiced black tea from Tangeen.

Palrio – Baiseen’s realm.

Petén – Marcus Adicio’s brother.

Retoren – a mysterious language from the past.

Rigg-tackle-stuggs – a complex, full contact football game.

Rowten – the captain of the Honor Guard of Baiseen.

Salila – a vivacious, dangerous Mar.

Sierrak – the northern most realm in Amassia.

Talus – a mysterious savant Ash meets on Aku.

Tangeen – the realm to the northwest of Baiseen.

Taruna – the Ma’atta keeper.

Teern – the King of the sea and father to all Mar.

Tutapa – Kaylin’s birth place.

U’karn – head of the war council in Baiseen.

Yuki – High Savant of Aku and Tyche’s grandmother.

Zakia – High Savant of Kutoon.

Zarah – orange-robe warrior savant on Aku.

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