Bare Bone Scopes January 12th, 2021 – February 11th, 2021

Throw the Bones Cards - Twin Suns
LA – Jan 12 – 9:03 PM
NY – Jan 13 – 12:03 AM
LON – Jan 13 – 5:03 AM
SYD – Jan 13 – 4:03 PM

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The New Moon in Capricorn (Jenin Stones) comes at a time of change and turmoil, mutating viruses and rebellious fervor. And be glad it does, because it brings grounding, stability and strength from within, something that will stand in good support for us all.

Jenin Stones whistle bones
Jenin Stones whistle bones

The Jenin Stones, linked to the powerful sign of Capricorn, represent awareness of leadership, purpose and outward path. It is the sense of accomplishment and recognition for an achievement, large or small.

Use this energy to inspire your intentions for the next 28 days. And, ask what is it your feel you can do, in mind, body and spirit, to help stabilize within and without?

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: The New Moon in Capricorn activates your 10th house of career, mission and profession. What is it you are doing to advance yourself and gain the acknowledgement and distinction you desire? That is where you put your focus for the next 28 days. The more you SEE yourself as accomplished, the more others will too. And they matter. From friends to acquaintances, colleagues to intimates, the people in your life, more and more, appear bearing gifts of support and recognition. Let your intention be to receive.

TAURUS: January in particular is your month to put focus and energy into projects you love (people, places, things, ideas). With Mars in your own sign until March, you would have all of February too, but for a little Mercury Retro action. Use January to brainstorm and initiate new ideas and for Feb, go back and fine tune, or develop projects you’ve set aside. Re-initiate them and for now, practice saying YES to all the things you dream up. Just note, January 20th and the days surrounding is best to coast through. Avoid any big launches, contracts or agreements at that time. Let your intention be to explore.

GEMINI: The New Moon in Capricorn rocks into your 8th house of ‘other peoples money’. This activates things like grants, funding, bank loans, inheritances, royalties, insurance pay outs, sponsorships, gifts and government support. With so much zing going on, it is the perfect time to apply. Put your name in the hat for prizes, grants and advances because the stars are definitely in you favor. You also have the support of a friend/agent that makes things happen that you never dreamed possible. Run a publicity campaign; when you speak, people pay attention. Let your intention be abundance.

CANCER: Welcome the relief of this new phase where heart and relationships awaken. Everything that makes you YOU becomes stronger as your confidence grows. Now, with Mars in Taurus, the pressure is off to ‘perform’ especially in the realm of career. You will feel that you are on the right path, and able to relax into the new vibe. Worst case, you realize it’s time to change tracks and you have the courage and poise to do so gracefully. Relationship can be your greatest support, or you might even hear amazing news from a partner, collaborator or agent. Trust that all will rise together! Let your intention be connection.

LEO: The New Moon in Capricorn lights up your Mind – Body – Spirit sector while Mars into Taurus amplifies the house of honor, distinction and career. It’s a grounded, earthy combination sure to set you along a promising path of recognition and advancement. The only proviso is, if you are not being honest with yourself, it will show, and you’ll not want to (or possibly be able to) take another single step forward. This is a positive turn of events as when you do what you love, life just gets better. So break free of the restraints. Say yes to new projects and opportunities, and smile. News comes mid-month! Let your intention be true progress.

VIRGO: An Earthy New Moon is just what you’ve been wishing for, one that will bring a feeling of financial relief. All the struggle and management you’ve put into your financial sector starts to pay off, and it’s substantial. This frees you for travel (within the constraints of the pandemic) but remember, that can be travel of the mind as well as a purely physical one. You will see new horizons and break new ground, be it literal or metaphorical. Publishing, broadcasting, digital media and communication of all kinds are lit up and a new project started around the 12th has the Midas touch. Your ruler Mercury turns Rx at the end of January, so put the time in now! Let your intention be success!

LIBRA: With the New Moon in Capricorn, and Mars out of your relationship house, finally, there is a feeling of comfort and joy that may have been missing for months. Sure, you’ve had energy and dynamic exchanges with others but things are about to get a whole lot sweeter. Mars free of the 7th feels soothing to all your relationships, intimate, business or collaborative alike. The question now is, are your ready to BE your most confident, sexy, alluring and magical self? That’s what’s on the cards, so have your intentions set for what YOU want when it comes to home, comfort, romance and intimacy, right down to the fine details. Remember, those thoughts are dreams come true. Let your intention come from the soul.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in your communications sector is going to be a game changer. If you have felt cut off, isolated, unable to work the way you want to, be ready for a shift. It may never go back to how it looked before, but the the road forward is suddenly a lot clearer, and you will likely not be walking it alone. There is a focus on your voice, the written and spoken word and all forms of messaging from hard copy manuscripts to digital memes. You will feel freer in your body as well. If an illness or diagnoses was putting constraints on your life, new doors open for healing that you had yet to see. Let your intention be well-being.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Capricorn activates your house of income, support, talents and resources. You’re going to feel some forward motion! In the last six months, there were roadblocks and detours in the financial department but no more. Now the way becomes clear, so dust off those plans and intentions that got shot down before. Think up new ones as well! You make a very convincing case now, so pitch all projects with confidence! Success is your middle name! The only caveat is to remember to still yourself and listen. Yes, surprisingly good news arrives, but there are intricacies around it that you must understand. Read the fine print! Let your intention be attainment.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in YOUR sign has arrived, setting you up for a lighter, more graceful 2021. Think of it as activating the four pillars of your life, Self – Others – Home – Career. For the last three years, you have been laboring under the scrutiny of Saturn and though it’s helped to hone and strengthen you, it’s also made you sweat. But not anymore. That energy has moved on, leaving you in the wake of ease and relief. Now you exhale, relax and allow for some fun. (February will be a very busy month for income streams and savings, so enjoy this little ‘holiday’ from responsibilities now!) Your romance sector is light up and you can really let your hair down and be yourself. Let your intention be joy.

AQUARIUS: For you, the New Moon will bring big dreams to life. Whatever you’ve had to drop over the last year or three, be ready to pick it back up in fresh and exciting ways. It’s like a burden has passed, a karma run its course… however you look at it, by the end of February, you’ll be feeling like a whole new person, and loving it. Your ideas become more popular, your advice sought after, your companionship desired. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of space as well as meeting these connections half-way. The lessons you’ve learned recently about boundaries will stand you in good stead. Trust that, in combination with Jupiter/Saturn now in your sign and half the solar system to follow, you will be in the right place, at the right time, for exactly what you want! Let your intention be to celebrate.

PISCES: The Capricorn New Moon is your friend, bringing feelings of connection, participation and unity with others. Community projects, artistic collaborations and groups associated with the welfare of the environment come into play. But that’s not all. There is a lifting of recent financial concerns that frees you up to do more of what you love. Part of your life work may involve service to others, creative expression or the helping professions and it is these areas of life that move forward for you in powerful ways. The limelight switches on and you best be ready to take a bow. Those others in your life will be appreciating you more! Let your intention be to nurture.


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    Everyone! Just letting you know we now have ARCHIVES for the scopes, starting with December 2020. Thanks Karen for the suggestion! or click on the menu under Things to Do! (or the link at the top of this page)

  2. Donna says:

    Happy New Moon!

    Libra ASC

    Being my most sexy, alluring, confident self.

    Tingling with excitement.

    Taurus ☀️

    Focus on my projects of writing and photos.

    Aquarius 🌒

    Intention to Celebrate!

  3. Karen says:

    So synchronistic!

    Is there anywhere I can view the scopes for the December new moon eclipse, published on 13th December?
    I’d really like to read mine please! (Leo)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Spot on as always, soul sister 🙂

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    As a early born Capricorn (12/23) it’s been really heavy the last few years. Glad to know I can chill a bit now! My moon is Virgo and my Asc is Scorpio. Intense much?! Ha! Thanks for your uplifting guidance. 🦋

    • Kim says:

      My pleasure. With your birthday so close to the Solstice, you will have that exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your solar return chart – all year long! Very exciting!

  6. Nikki D says:

    I was just taking an Epsom salt bath and was wishing for New Moon Scope report from you! Then voila! I love Libra ASC with the “year of magical connections”❤️. This Jupe and Saturn conjunction in Aqua for me is huge with my sun at 1 and NN at 5. ⭐️

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    Certainly some beauties in this one… thanks heaps Kimbo ❤💥❤

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    I just can’t wait each month for your New Moon/ Full Moon posts wisdom, guidance and support. You always offer me different ways to move forward and I really appreciate that…thanks YOU Kim…XX

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    I always read all 3 : rising, moon and sun which validate what I’m going through, dreams, wishes, conflicts 🙂

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    This Crab is off home hunting tomorrow, And my Aquarius rising is very excited about the possibilities.

  11. I love your horoscopes sooooo much Kim. There is always a sense of calm and positivity even if the Astro is “challenging”. Read Pisces (sun) and Sag (rising) and feel everything is just fine. Thank you

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    Spot on Kim I read my kids as well as mine and a couple of friends they truly are spot on Thanks For your insightt …. XxxX

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    Wow …. They are so spot on !! I read my kids and they’re exactly where they’re at <3 same with me Thank You for your amazing insight I am very grateful <3 XxxX

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    Ooh thesis exciting for me with the area’s I have been trying to manifest Thanks Kim <3 Xx

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    Awesome new moon info for this Sagittarius sun, moon in Scorpio read also and Virgo rising!

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