Bare Bone Scopes October 16th – November 15th 2020

Throw the Bones Cards - Twin Suns
LA – OCT 16 – 12:31 PM
NY – OCT 16 – 3:31 PM
LON – OCT 16 – 8:31 PM
SYD – OCT 17 – 6:31 AM

The October New Moon (Mask of Anon) is complicated this year. Really complicated!

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Some of you might already be feeling the mixup of energy with Mars and Mercury retrograde and the New Moon forming a powerful T-Square with Sun/Moon on Spica opposite Mars Rx in Aries square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Tensions could arise but with them opportunities.

You’ll want to think UPGRADE!

As always, in this time of social distancing and sometimes curtailed plans, you find the innovative ways to progressing along the path – that means your essential path. The one that lights you up sky high.

And remember, if you can’t be in the room, ZOOM!

Mask of Anon Whistle Bone
Here is the step along the path where we learn that everyone encountered, loved or hated, alley or enemy, is a mirror of oneself.

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: This new moon is all about your personal, one-to-one relationships and the give and take, freedom and closeness, autonomy and partnership involved to connect in the most creative ways. Be ready for all your relationships to feel some contrast over the next month (especially Oct 31) and know that from this tension comes change for the better. A relationship upgrade!

TAURUS: Time to dial it back a little on this new moon as you examine your health and well-being along with daily rituals. It’s possible you are doing things to please others and ignoring your own inner guidance. Use this quick test: if it feels good, it’s authentic; if it doesn’t feel good, it is not. Create new goals and routines that are an honest reflection of you. A job upgrade!

GEMINI: The next 28 days, until the Scorpio new moon, you are in creative inspiration mode. You may have thought to put your new works and ideas on the back burner to deal with more emergent or citical issues, but no. The muse is awake and you want to honor her. At the very least, take your notebook, sketch pad, guitar, or dance shoes with you wherever you go. A creative upgrade!

CANCER: Home never looked so good as it does on this new moon. Even if you can’t be where your heart lives, trust that it is there for you, waiting with all the love in the world. This lunar phase is perfect for you to reconnect with your physical home, making repairs or redesigning. If the home doesn’t feel so sweet, use that feeling to seek a more authentic domicile. Home/family upgrade!

LEO: The next 30 days sees you in a rare but powerful communication model that finds you listening, processings and most of all, reflecting back to others in genuine, meaningful conversation. This is a time to pool resources of the mind – ideas, inspiration, creative thought, plans, and stragtegies. It will be the tools of thought that bring the greatist success. Mental upgrade!

VIRGO: If you utilized last month’s supportive energy and made room for more scope in your life – starting with the idea of expanding your career goals, job plans, relationship opportunies, health, and well-being, this month will see bountiful and promising results. Expect an increase in finances and income flow and/or the things that support your inner being. Monetary upgrade!

LIBRA: This is your personal New Moon, and not only that, it is conjunct the protective and blessed fixed star Spica. If you have any planets between 19 and 30 degrees of Libra, you can expect an even stronger focus on your goals and dreams. Set your sights high for how you want to be in the world and use this time to appreciate all the things you love about yourself. Personal upgrade!

SCORPIO: This is your dreamboat month, the lunar phase that actives your 12th house of the unconscious mind. Definitely enable “when in doubt, take a nap.” The restoration you gain from not reacting but simply ‘being’ is remarkable. Find ways to rest, relax, and decompress. This is essential for your well-being as any added stress right now will take a toll. Dream upgrade.

SAGITTARIUS: The Libra new moon is all about friendship to you, connecting with birds of a feather. Finding your tribe. You’ll want to spend time (as Covid restrictions and social distancing allows) with those that GET you. Even virtual connection will help fulfill this need so don’t hesitate to show up for online talks, forums, and conferences. Social upgrade.

CAPRICORN: This is a great time to put into play any career strategies you’ve been toying with. Just be aware that the full moon at the end of Oct is a corker. Cut yourself, and others, plenty of slack then. But in general, if you love your job and the path it has you on, expect improvements. If it’s a struggle to be in work mode, you need different work! Career upgrade!

AQUARIUS: One of the best new moons for water-bearers with planets between 20 -29 degrees of Air signs. For all of you, keep your eyes open for the opportunities that rain in. It’s the spirit of adventure that will carry you the farthest, so spread your wings and fly. Say yes. Take an emotional risk. Push out of your comfort zone and bring on the great results. Expansion upgrade!

PISCES: The last lunar phase may not have felt like the smoothest ride but ahead lies a new opportunity if you are willing to let ego take a backseat. The question to ask is whether you’d rather be happy or right. The two are NOT mutually exclusive but if you land in a power struggle, there could be resistance, and what you resist persists. So let go, transform. Evolve. Soul upgrade!


  1. Roxie says:

    I always read all 3 : rising, moon and sun which validate what Iโ€™m going through, dreams, wishes, conflicts ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. soewnearth says:

    This Crab is off home hunting tomorrow, And my Aquarius rising is very excited about the possibilities.

  3. I love your horoscopes sooooo much Kim. There is always a sense of calm and positivity even if the Astro is โ€œchallengingโ€. Read Pisces (sun) and Sag (rising) and feel everything is just fine. Thank you

  4. Ash Girl says:

    Spot on Kim I read my kids as well as mine and a couple of friends they truly are spot on Thanks For your insightt …. XxxX

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow …. They are so spot on !! I read my kids and they’re exactly where they’re at <3 same with me Thank You for your amazing insight I am very grateful <3 XxxX

  6. Ashlee says:

    Ooh thesis exciting for me with the area’s I have been trying to manifest Thanks Kim <3 Xx

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    Thank you so much for all your insights!

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    Thanks Kim, I really love and appreciate your insights in the moon phases…XX

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    I love this dark, intimate space. Happy to be here with friends ๐Ÿฅฐ

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    So helpful to get a peek at things from your astro savvy perspective! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Brent Nelson says:

    Have a blessed New Moon! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Awesome new moon info for this Sagittarius sun, moon in Scorpio read also and Virgo rising!

  13. Abhilash Govil says:

    Loved reading it! My first time in here….excellent! By the way am a Scorpio Nov2nd born In INDIA… follow astrology inquisitively….best regards! Stay safe stay healthy ๐Ÿ™

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