Your New Moon Horoscopes for April 11, 2021 – May 11th, 2021

Shaman Art from Art Abyss
Shaman Art from Art Abyss
LA – April 11 – 7:31 pm
NY – April 11 – 10:31 pm
LON – April 12 – 3:31 am
SYD – April 12 – 12:31 pm

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The New Moon in Aries is the action point of the horoscope for the entire year to come. This is symbolically where we incarnate into being, stake our claim and set off on our own personal adventures.

The Fool Tarot Card by ShadowScapes Tarot
The Fool Tarot Card
by Shadowscapes Tarot

Known as the Fool’s Moon, this is related to the FOOL in tarot, the card representing free spirit, childlike adventure, new beginnings, blind luck, risks, playfulness, trust, openness, daring and living in the present moment.

Can you borrow some of these qualities from the Fool to take you a little further down the path?

Use the hints and tips below to inspire your intentions for the next 14 days. Remember, the desires that bring a smile are your most authentic. Imagine them!

Special Note for April:

There is a corker of a full moon @7 Scorpio on the 26th. It’s exactly opposite surprise a minute Uranus, square taskmaster Saturn and inconjunct health and healing Chiron, a lineup sure to bust through any layers of denial, resistance or dissatisfaction. In this case, the only out is through, so schedule light, feel the feelings and be honest with your emotions. They may surprise you!

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: Happy birthday Aries Sun! The next two weeks are fabulous for you, setting up your solar year with energy to thrive. There is not just physical strength and renewed enthusiasm but also a creative spark that can only come with a new goal or game plan. This is a ‘lucky’ time for you as your confidence and strength boosts and you smooth out any rough edges of desire to land in a very good position for better relationships, career, home, creativity, health… you name it; it’s looking up!

TAURUS: While all your FIRE sign friends are out there starting new projects and taking great strides, you chill. Relax. De-stress. Ease your way into the next phase of your life at a leisurely stroll. It’s a hare and tortoise situation and for now, you are most definitely the tortoise. So pace yourself. Breathe deep. Allow for dreams and musings, wandering down meandering paths. Your power is in the pause right now as you listen, replenish, nourish and love. This will set you up for your birthday new year soon to come!

GEMINI: The next two weeks are rich with opportunities for connection, expansion, abundance and radiance. I hope you are ready to shine! With Mars in your sign for another 12 days, and Mercury, your ruler, direct in compatible Aries, there is so much you will accomplish. And I don’t mean hard labor but carefree, playful, creative achievements. But note, you aren’t doing it alone. Friends play a strong role, as do groups, associations and clubs (Clubhouse anyone?) If you work with people you consider part of your clan, they will surprise you with their support. By the full moon on the 26th, be ready to rein it as you ease back. Pace yourself! Don’t let the feathers ruffle…

CANCER: The Aries New Moon represents a phase when your goals, dreams and ambitions for the future rise. It’s leadership time as you step up to tasks that make you look good! You are on fire right now, impressing important people left-right-center. Any intentions set toward professional and creative goals are serving you well. You might even have a dream-come-true opportunity of a creative or even intimate nature. If you are feeling restless or on edge, be sure to burn off the adrenaline with your favorite exercise. Later in the month, children may play an important role, so factor them into your intentions, be they biological, botanical or boondoggle! πŸ™‚

LEO This New Moon stirs up your desires for expansion, imbibing you with a touch of wanderlust – which can be tricky if you’re in lock-down or you are otherwise unable to travel. But as I point out often, jumping on a plane is only one way to fly. There are travels of the mind through higher learning, philosophy and other intellectual challenges. Travels of the spirit through meditation, lucid dreaming and astral-projection. Or you can immerse yourself in other cultures through food, art, film and dance. The idea is to set intentions for expansion and then open your eyes to all the ways you can!

VIRGO: Any intention you have that is fueled by or geared toward joint finances, royalties, collaborations or funding is all ON right now. For the next two weeks, you have the opportunity to apply yourself and/or apply for what you want, in any area of life, and receive a big fat YES. Acclimate for this now! (get used to it) You have the charm, the charisma and the chops to work in sync with an intimate other to bring about great results. Even if you are flying solo this time around, you will have help from surprise beneficiaries. Just be sure to reel it in by the Full Moon on the 26th. Best lay low until that storm passes.

LIBRA: Remember the last full moon at the end of March? That high power event marked the beginning of a new cycle of relating, just for you. It is intensified on the New Moon, giving you a chance to refine your goals and desires when it comes to personal, one to one, socially significant relationships. Single or attached, in a partnership or not, this is your time to experience the reality you want… with another. The only question is, do you know what you want? Can you say it without thinking? Connect with your core desires and KNOW them, inside and out. You’re at the station, ticket in hand. So, be sure to get on the right-for-you train.

SCORPIO: Over the new few weeks, you can get a lot done, inner and outer. That means you might start a new fitness program, improve your day to day work routine, find more inspiration and joy in the little things and nurture a fresh mindset… and then, from the 26th Full Moon in Scorpio onward, there is a shift. Setting strong intentions now and being open to change will set you up for the best results. Seven out of ten planets will be in FIXED signs, making it a little challenging to go-with-the-flow. But flow you must. There will be a relationship challenging of some kind, and setting intentions that ‘resolve conflict’ or ‘smooth the way for understanding’ or ‘support love and happiness’ or even ‘forgive and forget’ will keep molehills from turning into mountains. You have the power.

SAGITTARIUS: The Aries New Moon, for you, is all about getting more fun out of life. It might sound childish, or selfish, but no. This is exactly what you need to bring more joy and optimism to those around you, which is one of your cosmic assignments for this lifetime. There may be a new-for-you creative project in the works, fresh income streams, a partnership that brings in just the attention you’ve been needing to take things to the next level, business or pleasure. As long as what you do resonates with your creative heart, hones your talents and abilities, and gives you a sense of ‘sky’s the limit’, you are good to go. Remember, make your intentions, then make them more!

CAPRICORN: This New Moon’s message is even more clear than last month’s: see to your home. This can mean tidy up, improve the Feng Shui, dust, decorate, de-clutter and activate certain energies by adding the ‘slight edge’ – a new vase here, pillowcase there, a bowl just for fruit… tiny enhancements can make the world of difference. But HOME is more than where you live, the roof you sleep under at night. It is your internal locus of control, your emotional balance, your psyche, your soul. You can gain from placing attention there as well. Find paths to more peace, contentment and emotional security by setting intentions for inner success along with outer. The two walk hand and hand. Feed both!

AQUARIUS: This Lunation brings magic to your words. What you say, think, write, teach, learn, sing, connect with–that is where your power to create something new resides. If you work in publishing, broadcasting, education, commerce, family counseling, transport, travel or lie detection, you’ll be even more exhilarated by the results of this lovely New Moon. May hay for the next two weeks, when offers and opportunities pour in, and then…. chill out. The Full Moon, if you noticed yet, is a corker. Long-buried family secrets may arise, creating initial turmoil until things settle down again. Your job is to stay loose, easy and relaxed as you suspend judgment and keep an open mind, at least for a few weeks. Not all the facts are in!

PISCES: If you are working on enhancing your finances and boosting income streams, this is your New Moon. All the attention is on your money house, meaning you can set plans in motion to expand, support and call in just what you need for success. If money is not on your mind right now, then use this energy to develop a talent or skill you’ve been shy about revealing. Nothing ventured; nothing gained never made more sense in this situation. So, roll up your sleeves, clear your head and go for it. You want to set things in motion – courses, tuition, study/practice/skills development time – whatever it takes to put yourself on the path of your deepest residing desire. It’s happening!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Kim, a wet day here in the west, perfect for reading 🌸

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Kim πŸ˜€ mines on Sunday. I have Sag rising and Cancer moon – I’m excited by the month ahead xx

  3. Auretha says:

    Seeings as I just learned my chart is more influenced by Pisces and Capricorn than my Sun Sag, I’m so thrilled that all 3 scopes fed me with inspiration and courage to seriously GO BIGGER than I’ve gone this year!! Thank you Kim for your endless encouragement!

  4. Kim says:

    Everyone! Just letting you know we now have ARCHIVES for the scopes, starting with December 2020. Thanks Karen for the suggestion! or click on the menu under Things to Do! (or the link at the top of this page)

  5. Donna says:

    Happy New Moon!

    Libra ASC

    Being my most sexy, alluring, confident self.

    Tingling with excitement.

    Taurus β˜€οΈ

    Focus on my projects of writing and photos.

    Aquarius πŸŒ’

    Intention to Celebrate!

  6. Karen says:

    So synchronistic!

    Is there anywhere I can view the scopes for the December new moon eclipse, published on 13th December?
    I’d really like to read mine please! (Leo)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spot on as always, soul sister πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a early born Capricorn (12/23) it’s been really heavy the last few years. Glad to know I can chill a bit now! My moon is Virgo and my Asc is Scorpio. Intense much?! Ha! Thanks for your uplifting guidance. πŸ¦‹

    • Kim says:

      My pleasure. With your birthday so close to the Solstice, you will have that exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your solar return chart – all year long! Very exciting!

  9. Nikki D says:

    I was just taking an Epsom salt bath and was wishing for New Moon Scope report from you! Then voila! I love Libra ASC with the β€œyear of magical connections”❀️. This Jupe and Saturn conjunction in Aqua for me is huge with my sun at 1 and NN at 5. ⭐️

  10. marilyn says:

    Certainly some beauties in this one… thanks heaps Kimbo ❀πŸ’₯❀

  11. Satisha says:

    I just can’t wait each month for your New Moon/ Full Moon posts wisdom, guidance and support. You always offer me different ways to move forward and I really appreciate that…thanks YOU Kim…XX

  12. Roxie says:

    I always read all 3 : rising, moon and sun which validate what I’m going through, dreams, wishes, conflicts πŸ™‚

  13. soewnearth says:

    This Crab is off home hunting tomorrow, And my Aquarius rising is very excited about the possibilities.

  14. I love your horoscopes sooooo much Kim. There is always a sense of calm and positivity even if the Astro is β€œchallenging”. Read Pisces (sun) and Sag (rising) and feel everything is just fine. Thank you

  15. Ash Girl says:

    Spot on Kim I read my kids as well as mine and a couple of friends they truly are spot on Thanks For your insightt …. XxxX

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow …. They are so spot on !! I read my kids and they’re exactly where they’re at <3 same with me Thank You for your amazing insight I am very grateful <3 XxxX

  17. Ashlee says:

    Ooh thesis exciting for me with the area’s I have been trying to manifest Thanks Kim <3 Xx

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all your insights!

  19. Satisha D says:

    Thanks Kim, I really love and appreciate your insights in the moon phases…XX

  20. Quilly says:

    I love this dark, intimate space. Happy to be here with friends πŸ₯°

  21. Anonymous says:

    So helpful to get a peek at things from your astro savvy perspective! πŸ™‚

  22. Brent Nelson says:

    Have a blessed New Moon! <3 πŸ™‚

  23. Dee says:

    Awesome new moon info for this Sagittarius sun, moon in Scorpio read also and Virgo rising!

  24. Abhilash Govil says:

    Loved reading it! My first time in here….excellent! By the way am a Scorpio Nov2nd born In INDIA… follow astrology inquisitively….best regards! Stay safe stay healthy πŸ™

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