Bare Bone Scopes July 20 – August 19 2020

Throw the Bones Cards - Twin Suns
LA – July 20 – 10:33 am
NY – July 20 – 1:33 pm
LON – July 20 – 6:39 pm
SYD – July 21 – 3:33 am

The July New Moon awakens inner guidance, the intuitive and instinctual knowing that sets you on the right-for-you path, no matter what others think.

So take this time to amp up the self-care, connecting or reconnecting with others via safe and authentic ways. If you can’t be in the room, ZOOM!

Sign by Sign Scopes

This New Moon is ruled by the 4th Whistle Bone – Ma’ata.

ARIES: This new moon supports planned action after quiet contemplation. There are some questions to ask. Are you in the career of your dreams? Do you have the home life you desire? If not yet, what’s the hold-up within? Take time to discover what connections mean to you, beginning with yourself.

TAURUS: Your point of focus is towards an idea that has you all lit up. The issue is with execution, but you need to stop worrying about that. Allow your beliefs to guide you, throwing out what doesn’t fit and nurturing what does. Travel (of the mind and heart) leads to amazing and wonderful change for the better.

GEMINI: Don’t pretend that money doesn’t matter in the general scheme of things. It does this lunar cycle! You’re all about the flow of income streams. Opportunity to ‘make it big on your own’ never looked better, as long as you are living your heart, not somebody else’s. Amp the positive self-talk.

CANCER: This is your own, personal New Moon, a time to assess your basic goals around the four pillars of being– self, others, career, home. Have these aspects of your life grown and changed with your personal evolution? If not, the time has come. Own your power and point of view. Live it!

LEO: Your dreams have never been so full of promise as they are now, nor as SLOW to leave the mark. That’s okay! A temporary thing. To avert frustration, focus on the outcome you desire. Do what it takes to relax, allow and get out of the way of your next big thing. Catnaps bring epiphanies, every time.

VIRGO: This New Moon asks that you reevaluate your goals for the future and make adjustments. It all begins in the present moment. Hung out there lately? If not, take some quiet time with a close friend/partner (online is fine) and script your desires. Create a one, three and five year plan. Make it BIG!

LIBRA: This is a breakthrough, breakout or break-up era for your career, mission or calling. Think of it as your social identity on the rise, if you are headed in the direction you really want to go. Or, a social identity make-over if not! What you’re after now and what you perused a year ago might be two different things. Tune in, adjust and get a move on.

SCORPIO: This New Moon is going to take you places you’ve never been before and I don’t mean physical travel. All you have to do is open your mind to fresh vistas, new perceptions and surprising landscapes of the mind and spirit. The fun thing is, you won’t be doing this alone. A partnership is powerful for you now if you want it to be. As always, you decide.

SAGITTARIUS: A Cancer New Moon lights up your solar 8th house, intensifying experiences of intimacy, trust (or lack of trust) and where and how you take emotional risks. Don’t panic! This can be a revitalizing time for discovering new aspects of yourself. Previous experience not required. Go all in and come back with the gold.

CAPRICORN: Don’t kid yourself. Relationships are going through major metamorphosis right now. Think of it as an opportunity for creative change that gets your connected life more in alignment with your authentic self, who you really are. You’ve already done the hard work, I promise! So, now you relax, open your heart, mind and spirit and be real.

AQUARIUS: Things are looking up! Pesky health issues or daily routine snags, trips to the vet or dentist are about to resolve beautifully, all on their own. This means you don’t have to micro-manage a thing. Your only task is to keep making choices that ring true, for you. Change heals, and that is happening now.

PISCES: The three C’s – children, creativity and connection – influence this new lunar month like they haven’t for some time. You might be thinking a lot about the clan, your tribe, and how you nurture your own. Use this time to appreciate everyone in your life, no matter what their role or capacity. Companionship rocks! Bring all of yours to life.


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