New Moon Eclipse Scopes for June – July 2021

Twin Suns from the Amassia Series by A K Wilder
Ready to Choose. Your. Fate! Amassia Series

LA – June 10 – 3:53 am
NY – June 10 – 6:53 am
LON – June 10 – 11:53 am
SYD – June 10 – 8:53 pm

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Welcome the Annular Solar Eclipse (an eclipse in which the edge of the sun remains visible as a bright ring). Think powerful, enriching and full of portend. This lunar event is going to bring a message, or two or three, that may change your life. Hence, the intentions you set now are supercharged!

Eclipses often bring news, opportunity and/or excitement/disruption that can clear blockages and opens new doors to a more authentic future. Where they fall in your chart can indicate the area of life most activated, so be sure to check your chart for the zone of 11° to 29° of Gemini. Ask in the comments if you aren’t sure how to spot this.

You have probably noticed that eclipses come in pairs. We had an emotional full moon eclipse on May 26th which may have coincided with dramatic inner and/or outer changes. The eclipse today, however, is more on that brings ‘news after the dust has settled.’ It could well be news you LIKE!

Note the timing. It’s quirky, but eclipses aren’t always felt when they happen. Some people will notice the eclipse event one month before and some, one month after. That means for the May 26th Lunar Eclipse, you may have had the emotional impact on April 26th or, you may not receive it until June 26th (always give or take 3+ days).

It’s the same thing with the June 10th lunar event. It may have arrived May 10th or you might feel it July 10th. Such is the fluid nature of ‘time’.

Again, as with all New Moons, it is a powerful time to release intentions for the upcoming 29 days. Because the ruler of this eclipse is Mercury Rx in Gemini, the trickster is afoot. Don’t be surprised by what you manifest now; be aware that is emanates from you.

Below are hints and tips to inspire your intentions for the New Moon. Read your Sun and Rising signs for the most holistic view. You might enjoy your special tip for the month by moon sign too!

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: The New Moon Eclipse in Gemini lights up your third house of communications and the thoughts rising from your conscious mind. If anyone is going to receive a powerful message during this lunation, it is you! Set intentions around what you want to learn, teach and share with others. Set right any kinks in relationships with siblings or peer relatives, and release any OLD beliefs you might hold as to what is impossible. The answer, in this universe, is always ‘nothing.’

TAURUS: The New Moon Eclipse in Gemini pays special attention to your house of money, finances and the ways and means by which you support yourself. You will receive messages there, perhaps about cultivating a talent or skill that, so far, has been a hobby. It could be time to take it more seriously as you brainstorm ways to expand your income streams. Set intentions around receiving those things that you value, and giving to yourself when you have the chance. Treat yourself as if you are already everything!

GEMINI: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini is your once a year, birthday lunation. You want to celebrate this, no matter WHEN you were born. The focus now is on YOU and if that makes you squirm, you may want to investigate your self-talk and feelings of worth. Because, the more worthy you feel, the more these messages are going to rock your future. Think of this as a time of change, from little things like a new do, to larger considerations, like a new tattoo. Self-image morphs into more of who you are, and as you bring that to the world, your life shifts, all very much for the better. Happy Solar Return, my Twins!

CANCER: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini highlights your house of dreams and one of the most potent ways for you to connect is to sleep. Seriously. Get your rest this month as you process changes already stirred up by the lunar eclipse in May. This month is like one long restorative practice where you allow for rest, ease and blessings to recover. Messages will come through synchronicity – you’ll think something and someone in the film or show you are watching says the exact words — or you might dream your answers. Keep a dream journal, respect the power of your unconscious mind, find ease and peace. On the inside, you are evolving at the speed of light!

LEO: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini puts the focus on your community–friends, clan, tribe and those of like-minds. You might be the group leader, or you might be a cooperative component, but your presence in your community makes all the difference in the world. Messages and momentum for change may come through friends from the past, an old flame that suddenly resurfaces, a mentor or teacher you haven’t seen or thought of for years. You might feel some level of shock, so step aside from old, knee-jerk reactions and receive the essence of the missive. It’s there for you!

VIRGO: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini switches on your house of career and public recognition in ways you may not yet have imagined. This is the most potent time of the year for you to expand your expectations of just exactly what you are capable of. Think of it as an opportunity to level up, professionally, in the area of life you think of as your mission. Set BIGGER intentions around what you want to accomplish, higher ideals around what you are capable of, and break through any glass ceilings that may be holding you back. With your ruling Mercury Rx, it could be someone from the past who makes an offer you can’t refuse, or inspires you in a new direction. Be bold, open and unstoppable!

LIBRA: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini activates your vision, the part of you that sees further, knows more and connects strongly to your higher self, to the source of who you are. Yes. It’s as big as it sounds. If you are wanting to ‘see’ more, into the past, present and future, set that intention now. If you are interested in tapping into higher guidance, then set that intention too. The idea is that your personal consciousness is growing, expanding out into the universe, where you not only see infinite possibilities, you become them. On a practical level, this could mean travel and literal new horizons that change your perspective forever! Go forth!

SCORPIO: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini lights a fire under your collaborative intentions, fanning any sparks you may have with another. This can be romantic, artistic or strictly business, but no matter what the case, there is a creative process at work. The potential for success, from emotional fulfillment to financial accomplishment, is high on the scale of possibilities. The more you set intentions now around what you want to create, not only for yourself but with others, the clearer you’ll be on your desires. An old partnership may bring clarity and insight or an array of new possibilities…

SAGITTARIUS: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini warms your house of personal, one to one relationships. From romance to business proposals, the messages you receive now will enlighten your understanding of who you are in connection with significant others. Listen to what the people in your life are saying. Just listen. It’s easy to make snap judgements and answer back before they even reach the end of their sentence but doing so isn’t going to improve your cognition skills. At all. So, set intentions to listen. Assimilate. Digest. And then, if, and only if, necessary, respond. Communication with all your connections has the chance to reach new levels, but ironically, it starts with your inner silence.

CAPRICORN: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini brings a strong focus to your work-a-day life, from your body-mind-spirit health and well being to all the little things that make up the day. Seems small? It’s not. From this house of the ordinary, you can become even more extraordinary by paying attention. Expect messages from co-workers, bosses, those in the helping professions, veterinarians, doctors, yoga teachers, personal coaches, bodyworkers… even the salesperson at your local plant nursery. These are the people who will say or do that one little thing that can spark dramatic change in your life. Think of them all as messengers of the gods, especially those you have known a long time. Set intentions here and watch things blossom like spring!

AQUARIUS: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini has a particularly vital spark for you now that ruling Saturn is home in the sign of Aquarius. Your romantic and creative life is on fire, ready to burst onto the page, screen, canvas, clay, studio, concert hall… There is no containing your creative self-expression now. Set intentions around a cherished skill or talent, even if you think it is vastly underdeveloped. NOW is the time to bring it out of the closet, from amateur (for the love of it) status to renown. Yes, renown. In your heart is something very special. You can bring it out into the world if your fancy. Think about it. Intend it. Be it.

PISCES: New Moon Eclipse in Gemini puts all the eggs in one basket this month, all the focus, that is, and it’s on the HOME. Whatever that means to you – from the literal walls around you and the roof you sleep under to the body as home of the spirit to the spirit as home to the divinity within… It’s all about the home. You may be considering buying, selling, building or remodeling your family home. You could be working on the body through yoga, martial arts, fitness, nutrition and healing practices. You might be deep in meditation, contemplating the nature of the universe… No matter, these are the areas of your life to set fresh intentions. What you think now will shape your future, so nurture the thoughts that light you up. Remember, you’ll see it when you believe it. Start believing now.


  1. Donna says:

    The New Moon Eclipse Scopes for Sun; Moon and ASC. are so perfectly aligned with what I am living at this very moment.

    Thank you Kim! Love reading the scopes you post. I especially love reading them when they are like a reflection of what I’ve been feeling; musing + living.


    • Kim says:

      It always lights me up to see you here, Donna. So glad these scopes resonate! Have an amazing Solar Eclipse. Oh, can you see it, from where you are?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you! 💖✨

        No, I couldn’t see it but I sure can “feel” it. I was awake very early this morning around eclipse time with a calm … yet excited feeling of “it’s happening”.

        So many intentions set.

        Perhaps the most important is listening to others with real Love. And of course with “self + others” strong in my chart … it starts with listening to myself + my wants with Love.

  2. says:

    Kim, so helpful and amazing!! Thank you for serving us all in your genius!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE the keyword to go with the scopes!!! Always brilliant and SO incredibly accurate!!! Thank you!!!

  4. apolinarioj3 says:

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for doing these horoscopes, I always find them useful. I turn 60 during the window of the May 26 eclipse and I’d love to understand what area of my chart this is hitting – can you help me understand how to do that? Thanks, Julie

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Kim, a wet day here in the west, perfect for reading 🌸

  6. Susan says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Kim 😀 mines on Sunday. I have Sag rising and Cancer moon – I’m excited by the month ahead xx

  7. Auretha says:

    Seeings as I just learned my chart is more influenced by Pisces and Capricorn than my Sun Sag, I’m so thrilled that all 3 scopes fed me with inspiration and courage to seriously GO BIGGER than I’ve gone this year!! Thank you Kim for your endless encouragement!

  8. Kim says:

    Everyone! Just letting you know we now have ARCHIVES for the scopes, starting with December 2020. Thanks Karen for the suggestion! or click on the menu under Things to Do! (or the link at the top of this page)

  9. Donna says:

    Happy New Moon!

    Libra ASC

    Being my most sexy, alluring, confident self.

    Tingling with excitement.

    Taurus ☀️

    Focus on my projects of writing and photos.

    Aquarius 🌒

    Intention to Celebrate!

  10. Karen says:

    So synchronistic!

    Is there anywhere I can view the scopes for the December new moon eclipse, published on 13th December?
    I’d really like to read mine please! (Leo)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Spot on as always, soul sister 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a early born Capricorn (12/23) it’s been really heavy the last few years. Glad to know I can chill a bit now! My moon is Virgo and my Asc is Scorpio. Intense much?! Ha! Thanks for your uplifting guidance. 🦋

    • Kim says:

      My pleasure. With your birthday so close to the Solstice, you will have that exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your solar return chart – all year long! Very exciting!

  13. Nikki D says:

    I was just taking an Epsom salt bath and was wishing for New Moon Scope report from you! Then voila! I love Libra ASC with the “year of magical connections”❤️. This Jupe and Saturn conjunction in Aqua for me is huge with my sun at 1 and NN at 5. ⭐️

  14. marilyn says:

    Certainly some beauties in this one… thanks heaps Kimbo ❤💥❤

  15. Satisha says:

    I just can’t wait each month for your New Moon/ Full Moon posts wisdom, guidance and support. You always offer me different ways to move forward and I really appreciate that…thanks YOU Kim…XX

  16. Roxie says:

    I always read all 3 : rising, moon and sun which validate what I’m going through, dreams, wishes, conflicts 🙂

  17. soewnearth says:

    This Crab is off home hunting tomorrow, And my Aquarius rising is very excited about the possibilities.

  18. I love your horoscopes sooooo much Kim. There is always a sense of calm and positivity even if the Astro is “challenging”. Read Pisces (sun) and Sag (rising) and feel everything is just fine. Thank you

  19. Ash Girl says:

    Spot on Kim I read my kids as well as mine and a couple of friends they truly are spot on Thanks For your insightt …. XxxX

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow …. They are so spot on !! I read my kids and they’re exactly where they’re at <3 same with me Thank You for your amazing insight I am very grateful <3 XxxX

  21. Ashlee says:

    Ooh thesis exciting for me with the area’s I have been trying to manifest Thanks Kim <3 Xx

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all your insights!

  23. Satisha D says:

    Thanks Kim, I really love and appreciate your insights in the moon phases…XX

  24. Quilly says:

    I love this dark, intimate space. Happy to be here with friends 🥰

  25. Anonymous says:

    So helpful to get a peek at things from your astro savvy perspective! 🙂

  26. Brent Nelson says:

    Have a blessed New Moon! <3 🙂

  27. Dee says:

    Awesome new moon info for this Sagittarius sun, moon in Scorpio read also and Virgo rising!

  28. Abhilash Govil says:

    Loved reading it! My first time in here….excellent! By the way am a Scorpio Nov2nd born In INDIA… follow astrology inquisitively….best regards! Stay safe stay healthy 🙏

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