December Scopes

Rise by 
ShadowArtFinds - Atlanta based artist J Edward Neill
Rise by ShadowArtFinds – Artist J Edward Neill

LA – Nov 23 – 2:57 pm
NY – Nov 23 – 5:54 pm
LON – Nov 23 – 10:54 pm
SYD – Nov 24 – 9:54 am

Welcome the New Moon in Sagittarius

Meanwhile, it’s time again to set your intentions for the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius, celebrate the drive to travel the distant horizons, be they mind, body or spirit.

This is where we seek the edge, let go of the past and move forward into new beginnings. It’s fiery, adventurous and, well, Jupiter ruled. Read: expansion, optimism and playfulness with a dash of risk.

Note: As you may know if you follow the Daily Div, Mars is still retrograde (Rx)! So even tough there exuberance and excitement build, you may not see the results until mid January. Give yourself that sense of time for your dreams to unfold. As urgent as things might seem, there is no rush.

For now, consider the sign by sign tips below to help you get the best out of this Sagittarius phase. It’s a beauty!



Aries Glyph

Aries: The New Moon in Sagittarius marks a time of travel. As always, this can be a travel of the mind with new ideas, course of study or personal inspiration as well as physical – jump on a jet – travel. You might also experience a spiritual awakening through meditation, epiphany or a moment of grace. Set intentions for expansion and all things that brighten and excite!

With Mars still Rx in your communication sector, be aware that conversations, messages, text and emails can go astray, or be misinterpreted. There’s a delay when it comes to getting the answers, or ideas, you want, but it’s not going to last that much longer. Be patient. Another offer, or concept-possibility, is just around the corner.


Taurus Glyph

Taurus: The New Moon in Sagittarius heralds a month of innovation, especially when it comes to shared resources and finances. You might be merging energy in a start-up or business project, a creative venture or maybe you are taking things apart, allocating funds as you divvy them out in payment or return. If you need to apply for a loan or grant, this is a great time! Also good for third dates. Set intentions around collaboration, joint $$$ and maybe, if you like, a sparkling intimate encounter.

With Mars Rx in your 2nd house of $$$, values and sustainability, you might notice how LONG it takes to get paid, gain the new income stream, credentials for a new skill or a longed-for outcome. (Frustratingly long!) Do your best to see it as a natural pause, an easing off of a hectic pace, a chance to gather more energy for the next bull run.  A delay, not a denial. Hang in there.


Gemini Glyph

Gemini: The New Moon in Sagittarius throws the limelight on your 7th house of personal, intimate, one-to-one relationships. They will take center stage. This can be an intimate, life partner, a newish love interest, but also a business partner, agent or even an astrologer or life-coach. If your lives are interwoven, they belong to this category. Think innovation and expansion as you set intentions for these joint gateways into life. What do you want in a partner? Make that clear, to yourself and them!

With Mars Rx in your house of Self vs. Others, you will have some ‘me’ time on the cards. This may create much-needed space to reconnect to your core values and what you really want. It could also feel isolating, and if so, best explore that with an open mind too. Note: Hold off on making a radical change in appearance or anything to do with contract signing until after mid-January 2023.


Cancer Glyph

Cancer: The Sagittarius New Moon puts the focus on your work-a-day life and sense of health and well-being. Are you eating foods that make you feel whole and happy? Drinking plenty of clean water? Getting the exercise that delights? Check into these aspects of self-love as well as your work life. Is it inspirational? Holding the perfect balance of challenge and sensibility? Set intentions around the body of your dreams and the ritual routine that lights you up.

With Mars retrograde in your house of dreams and collective compassion, you might find you need more rest. A lot more rest! It’s like being a teen all over again, so sleep in, laze around, rest, relax, restore. You might also find that your intuition is heightened, making this an excellent time to learn tarot, astrology or other occult disciplines. Explore the inner realms on your own, and at your own pace.


Leo Glyph

Leo: The Sagittarius New Moon light up the house of creative self-expression. This is what you imagine and how you express it. The focus is on your style, your colors and flare. The idea is to, like a new romance, allow it to blossom on its own. No pushing, prodding or asking technical questions. Just allow. You may find your life is tinted with a romantic glow, no matter what you do, so enjoy that too. Set intentions for your next big thing.

With Mars Rx in your house of friendships, know that it’s not uncommon for messages to go awry. Time drags while waiting to hear back on a project or proposal, so instead of staring at the phone, checking msgs and emails, forget about it. Go do what you love and trust that everything is unfolding in the grace of its own time. If dead wood and thorns are found in your group, club or circle, don’t be afraid to prune.


Virgo Glyph

Virgo: The Sagittarius New Moon activates your inner sanctum of home, family, and everything that surrounds and protects. You might be setting intentions for a new dwelling place, or new relationships within the home. Fledglings might fly away, making room for those who are left, or even someone new. Rethink the home front in every way. Rethink it how you want it to be.

With Mars Rx in your house of Social Identity, career, mission and profession, there is a push-pull vibe. On one hand, the potential is outstanding for professional advancement, on the other, there are repeated delays. Maybe it’s the weather, or the supply chain or the people, but just accept that the holdup is out of your hands. Remember, a delay is not denial. This slow-down will dial back up before you know it. Optimism always.


Libra Glyph

Libra: The Sagittarius New Moon opens new channels of communication, new contacts and new opportunities. It’s about offers out of the blue, a friend of a friend or even a seemingly random meetup in the neighborhood. From humble and possibly sweet beginnings, a new pathway is forged. This could expand your life in so many ways! Set intentions around how you would love to see this expansion go. What does it look like? Describe it with all your senses.

With Mars retrograde in your house of long journeys, you might be feeling a bit restless. Hold off on any MAJOR life changes until mid-January 2023 (with Mars direct again) but do consider where you would like to explore. If you can get away for a weekend, take a short course of study or learn a new meditation/yoga technique, all the better. Catch a sunrise/set or two, if you aren’t in the habit. Remind yourself of the majesty and know it is all around you.


Scorpio Glyph

Scorpio: The Sagittarius New Moon activates your house of money and financial security (the resources you earn from your own talents) and also your values that motivate the core of your desires. This lunar phase is perfect for setting intentions around any raw or underdeveloped talents you might have and also the income streams in place for the ones that are up and going. Think about what you have to offer, and how much you deserve in return. The time is here to increase your sense of value in yourself.

With Mars retrograde in your house of others peoples’ energy, it could signal a delay or rethink when it comes to gaining a loan, funding or support. You may also find a twist with joint finances, like a loan coming due when you didn’t expect it. Not to worry! The resources are there, as is the collaborative support of a friend. Just be patient and meticulous. All is sorted before you know it.


Sagittarius Glyph

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius New Moon marks your birthday season, one full of promise and fresh opportunities. You are especially likely to start a new creative project, or romance, that will delight as it grows. Set intentions around the four pillars of life – your home and security. Your career and mission in life. Your sense of self and distinctions, and your connections and relationships to others. Growth is on the cards in all four directions!

With Mars Retrograde in your personal, one-to-one relationships sector, you might have a major rethink on your hands. At the least, plans slow, or maybe seem to stall, but it’s important not to see this as a failure or falling apart. Instead, see it as a chance to take space so that when you reconnect, you do so with more strength, integrity and wisdom. If planning a major event before mid-January, like a launch or a wedding, allow for delays, and remember to laugh!


Capricorn Glyph

Capricorn: The Sagittarius New Moon put a spotlight on your house of drawn shades. This is what resides in the collective unconscious, drawing you toward those less fortunate with the desire to help and support. Because of that, it can fill with emotions. Frustrating emotions. Like, how to fix climate change or world hunger or lack of human rights? So do what you can, from taking a box of blankets to the homeless shelter or adopting a condemned pet. Maybe you plant a tree. The point is, do one thing, and then another, and be glad you can. Set intentions around this notion, if it fits.

With Mars retrograde in your health and work-a-day life sector, you might find you are evaluating a new job, or even changing up your diet, healthcare or exercise rituals. The key, after such change, is not to judge how fast the better results roll in, but trust that they will. It’s an endless window of opportunity.


Aquarius Glyph

Aquarius: The Sagittarius New Moon in your 11th house, the domain of friendships, companions, groups of like-minded others and hopes for the future, you’ll want your circle to expand. Set intentions around making new friends, meeting in trusted circles and gaining a greater sense of belonging. You are part of the whole, a leader even. Keep exploring and set intentions for finding your perfect-for-you niche.

With Mars retrograde in your house of new horizons, you might find issues with import-export, distant travel or higher learning assignments/exams. (Yes, this again!) Just remember, as said before, that delay is not denial. Things slow down out there, so allow for that. Sometimes things get lost in translation. You can allow for that too. Be patient, and rethink solutions as needed. A person from afar helps!


Pisces Glyph

Pisces: The Sagittarius New Moon lights up your career sector in a variety of ways. You may expand along the path you are headed, or you may come to a fork in the road. Whichever direction you take, set intentions to be a more and more pure expression of your calling. And, maybe set intentions on visualizing the forms that calling can take. Open your mind. You have so much to give.

With Mars retrograde in your house of family, home and clan, you can expect a little slow-down, a little detour, a little chance to breathe. Whatever your responsibilities, as a homeowner – a household carer, a parent looking after a child, a child looking after a parent, a pet/plant momma/poppa…. in other words, the one where the buck stops, you can call a timeout. Ask for the help you need, and receive it. Review. Reflect. Revitalize.

Chinese Zodiac Glyph Tiger

95 responses to “Bare Bones Scopes”

  1. Sonja Avatar

    Happy Moon in Saggo Tx Kim

    1. kimfalconer Avatar

      Thanks for dropping by, Sonja. I’m glad you like the Saggo Scopes! 💯♐︎❤️

  2. Kim Falconer Avatar
    Kim Falconer

    Oh, this seems to be working for me with FB account now. Email me via the contact page if you are trying to post but get the Nonce Error.

    Thanks so much! 🙏🏼💙

  3. Kim Avatar

    I’m testing the comments and wishing everyone a peaceful Dark Moon in readiness for the New in Sagittarius! 🙏🏼♐︎❤️

    1. Kim Avatar

      Actually, we are having some issues with the comment color – ie. it’s coming out white… so if you can’t see your comments, stand by and I’ll try to get the color sorted! Yay!

  4. Lavonne Patrick Avatar
    Lavonne Patrick

    Slow-moving Pluto has been parked right on top of my natal North Node in the 3rd house – and retrograde, it’ll pass back over once more when direct. We should remember to keep our chin up when we let our hair down! I LOVE the Daily Divination, thank you for it and your fight for positivity! Much-needed.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Hi Lavonne,

      It’s good to hear you are enjoying the Daily Divination. Thanks for subscribing! And yes, Pluto long-term over the Node is a powerhouse, intense time, experienced in a little mini generation of those born in the year of the North Node in Capricorn (once every 18 3/4 years).

      Yes, we have to keep counting our blessings! Thanks for dropping in!


  5. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

    I am so excited about this Aries New Moon! Happy Astrological New Year, everyone! 🙏🏼 ❤️ 😻

    1.  Avatar

      Thank you Kim💝🙏

      1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

        My pleasure! 🙏💝🙏

    2. Jennifer Avatar

      Definitely loving how 2021 is unfolding, life is pretty wonderful and stable again and it feels wonderful! Looking forward to some fresh ways of creating in this new head and heart space! Thank you Kim! Happy Astrological New Year! Hope you are staying as dry as possible up there, sending love always!

      1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

        It’s the opposite of dry, but we are trying to dry everything out today with the glimpse of sunshine. Your life is inspiring! xoxo

      2. Moira Lazarus Avatar

        I have Chiron and Saturn conjunct at 26/29 degrees Pisces in 11th house and my Moon at 14 degrees Taurus in 12th. I think I am likely to notice this eclipse 😊. Emphasis atm seems to be on self value within friendship, health (related?) and attempts & delays in work expansion in healing field. Feeling guided to stop trying & let things/solutions/people come to me. Previous eclipses at this point always v significant so am quietly excited by this! 🙏🦋

        1. Kim Avatar

          I think you are likely to notice it too! If not over the next 4 or so days then in 30, around June 1st. Whenever your Moon in 12th is activated, it can bring up health and healing. Being in the healing/helping professions is a good fit, esp with that Saturn/Chiron conjunction in Pisces. Feels like you are well in tune. Hope you have a beautiful new moon!

          Thanks for dropping by! 🌑 😻 🙏🏼

          1. Moira Lazarus Avatar

            Thanks Kim! Will def keep an eye out around 1st June 🙏🌻💕

  6. Donna Avatar

    Thank you Kim for the “gems” in your November Astrology preview. 🤍🙏🏼💙

    Pre-paving and the words “dropping expectations and assumptions about how anyone else should feel, respond, react, retell” jumped right out at me.

    Much wisdom in these words to practise staying in my vibe or in alignment and relating to others.


    1. Kim Avatar

      I am so glad the scopes resonate. With My Taurus MC, I am taking up this affirmation too! 🤍🙏🏼💙

  7. Donna Avatar

    My ASC 💟 … “to have a friend be the friend”
    I’ve never considered myself a “good” friend as I drift off “into my own realm” so often.
    Yet, I have some wonderful friends.

    My Sun☀️ … Relax, and trust your guts.

    My Moon 🌑 … Trust

    I guess it best for me at this time … well at any time … to relax and trust.

    Kim, thank you for these Scopes. 😘

    1. Kim Avatar

      You are most welcome, Donna.

      My moon is ‘trust’ too, as you know! Along with ‘Believe…’ and Venture! Happy New Moon!

  8. Jennifer Marilyn Avatar
    Jennifer Marilyn

    I nearly cried reading the August new moon scope intro about the rollercoaster ride being worth it. Exhale. I totally welcome the lift that is coming later this month. Thank you Kim!

    1. Kim Avatar

      It can really help to see all that light at the other end, yes? Glad you felt relief! xxKim

    2. Donna Avatar

      Hello Jennifer!
      What a beautiful surprise!

      What a ride it can be!
      Twists, turns; holding on … then letting go and lifts too!


  9. Donna Avatar

    The New Moon Eclipse Scopes for Sun; Moon and ASC. are so perfectly aligned with what I am living at this very moment.

    Thank you Kim! Love reading the scopes you post. I especially love reading them when they are like a reflection of what I’ve been feeling; musing + living.


    1. Kim Avatar

      It always lights me up to see you here, Donna. So glad these scopes resonate! Have an amazing Solar Eclipse. Oh, can you see it, from where you are?

      1.  Avatar

        Thank you! 💖✨

        No, I couldn’t see it but I sure can “feel” it. I was awake very early this morning around eclipse time with a calm … yet excited feeling of “it’s happening”.

        So many intentions set.

        Perhaps the most important is listening to others with real Love. And of course with “self + others” strong in my chart … it starts with listening to myself + my wants with Love.

        1. Kim Avatar

          Sounds perfect! xoxo

  10. Avatar

    Kim, so helpful and amazing!! Thank you for serving us all in your genius!

    1. Kim Avatar

      You are so welcome, Auretha. I’m glad they resonate!

  11. Jennifer Avatar

    I LOVE the keyword to go with the scopes!!! Always brilliant and SO incredibly accurate!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

      You are so welcome, Jennifer. Glad they resonate! xo

  12. apolinarioj3 Avatar

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for doing these horoscopes, I always find them useful. I turn 60 during the window of the May 26 eclipse and I’d love to understand what area of my chart this is hitting – can you help me understand how to do that? Thanks, Julie

    1. Kim Avatar

      Sure thing, Julie. Just email me your natal chart. (the old GVA files are all archived.)

  13.  Avatar

    Thank you Kim, a wet day here in the west, perfect for reading 🌸

    1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

      That sounds lovely 🙂

  14. Susan Avatar

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Kim 😀 mines on Sunday. I have Sag rising and Cancer moon – I’m excited by the month ahead xx

    1. Kim Avatar

      So glad they resonate, Susan! And what a wonderful year ahead. Happy Solar Return!>/p>

      1.  Avatar


  15. Auretha Avatar

    Seeings as I just learned my chart is more influenced by Pisces and Capricorn than my Sun Sag, I’m so thrilled that all 3 scopes fed me with inspiration and courage to seriously GO BIGGER than I’ve gone this year!! Thank you Kim for your endless encouragement!

    1. Kim Avatar

      You are most welcome, Auretha. It’s great to take a multifaceted approach, for sure. So glad they all resonate for you.

  16. Kim Avatar

    Everyone! Just letting you know we now have ARCHIVES for the scopes, starting with December 2020. Thanks Karen for the suggestion! or click on the menu under Things to Do! (or the link at the top of this page)

    1. Karen Avatar

      How serendipitous that I had that effect, given my current scope ends with ‘Let your intention be true progress’!! Thank you, Kim, thats great! <3

      1. Kim Avatar

        Yay! And yes, very fitting!

  17. Donna Avatar

    Happy New Moon!

    Libra ASC

    Being my most sexy, alluring, confident self.

    Tingling with excitement.

    Taurus ☀️

    Focus on my projects of writing and photos.

    Aquarius 🌒

    Intention to Celebrate!

    1. Kim Avatar

      I love the way you have summarized this, Donna. So poetic! And, to the point. 🙂

      1. Donna Avatar

        Hmmm … perhaps poetry may be my part of my writing project. And yes, I’m usually pretty much to the point. 🤗

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