Chines New Year – Monthly Scopes for February 11th, 2021 – March 12th, 2021

Chinese zodiac signs - jasper ox Art Board Print
Chinese zodiac signs – Jasper Ox Art Board Print
LA – Feb 11 – 10:06 am
NY – Feb 11 – 1:06 pm
LON – Feb 11 – 6:06 pm
SYD – Feb 12 – 5:06 am

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The New Moon in Aquarius marks the fresh and rejuvenating Chinese New Year of the Ox. Think grounded, strong and sustaining. No matter what your zodiac sign, we are looking forward to a year of stability where some of the rough edges of 2020 smooth out. There is a chance to become more capable, more motivated and impactful.

Feel the power of Ox! It’s coming your way.

Use the hints and tips below to inspire your intentions for the next 28 days. Remember, the desires that bring a smile are your most authentic. Imagine thme!

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings stability through friendship. You may have had a disconnect, or recent separation (or even one that still clings and broods, even though it is well and truly over). The point is, your sense of companionship through groups and organizations, your birds of a feather, maybe have been less that fun. That’s all about to change as Ox befriends you. Can you imagine it? That’s where it all begins. So open the doors and windows to your heart and let the sun shine, the breeze blow. It’s happening, for you! Set clear intentions around the companionship that makes you happy.

TAURUS: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings home clarity, opportunity and abundance through your career. That’s not your day job, the work-a-day life, unless you are already living the dream. Career for you, this year, means your MISSION in life. Your calling. You have a tremendous boost of energy in this sector of the zodiac, and Ox offers loyalty and patience, two qualities that will carry you forward in ways you hadn’t thought possible. Can you allow yourself to be surprised? Abundance generated from doing what you love – that’s the goal, and the intention. Use your powers of strength and sustaining drive to make it so.

GEMINI: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings connections from abroad, overseas opportunities and and chance to expand your horizons around work, writing, teaching, learning, publishing, even higher education. If your dream is MORE travel, there are some constraints, but this does not include travel of the mind or spirit. You will touch people all over the world through electronic means, and/or on more ethereal levels. Communication is the name of the game, and this is your forte. Don’t hold back! If your intentions resonate with the ideas of more than, even better and household name, you are on the right track. Take what it is you LOVE to think about, and share it with the world.

CANCER: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings stability to your finances, representing a year where you see the coffers fill instead of deplete. No matter what you are saving for, a holiday, a new home, fresh educational opportunities, a dishwasher or a box of foster kittens, you will have the means to allow such dreams to unfold. The key is in collaboration. You do not achieve this on your own, but as a team where you both offer your usefulness AND utilize others. We are talking about shared resources so set up intentions that resonate with co-ownership, partnerships, grants, loans, funding, kickstarts and angel investors. Abundance is best shared, with love. See to it!

LEO: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings fresh starts for all your personal, socially significant, one-to-one relationships. That’s right! New beginnings are on the horizon whether they are whole new partners or a new level or relating with the partner you already have. Yes, it could mean a separation is what clears the way for the new life, but it will be like releasing a weight that has held you down. You rise to the surface and find a full and rejuvenating breath of air. This can apply to love relationships, biz partners and/or artistic collaborations. Wherever you feel committed, set the intentions for clarity, honesty, authenticity and joy, and let the good times roll!

VIRGO: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings a chance to reexamine your body-mind-spirit relationship, making adjustments that support the kinds of successes you only dream of. First, think body. What are you feeding it? How to you stay in shape? Are you allowing full-body-laughter? If you aren’t smiling about these topics then it’s time to begin a new, strengthening ritual that sustains and lifts you. Your mind will also wand MORE stimulation, so be ready to accelerate your work-a-day life so that you feel the buzz. Spirit calls out to weigh in on this, aligning the path you take with your higher guidance. In short, set intentions to honor and listen to your body, your mind, your spirit so that you meet your next big thing in the most authentic way. So be it!

LIBRA: Chinese New Year of the Ox awakens, or even reawakens, your desires for fun, love and romance. It’s a creative time where your heart swell and that feeling of being special, significant and joyful imbibes your every step. This state is contagious, in a fantastic way, bringing joy to others simply by hanging out with them. Whatever you have brewing on an artistic level, fuel it as you set intentions to feel the joy, camaraderie and spectral that lights you up. You have so much to give, and in turn, so much to receive. Be sure the doors swing both ways as you step into a year of wonder and delight!

SCORPIO: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings a whole new vibration to the home and family relationships. Are you ready for change there, because change is ready for you! If your home wasn’t the perfect aspect to give you a sunny room and garden, or if you were unhappy with the neighborhood, the commute or even climate… or if the family/people/friends you live with don’t light you up at the moment, set intentions now for your perfect-for-you living situation. Take time imagining it. Go over all the things you love and desire. Look at images, drive around, scan the possibilities and then augment them in your mind. You CAN have the home of your dreams and this month is when you believe it, even before you see it!

SAGITTARIUS: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings news, communications and opportunities like you never believed before. It’s a spectacular time to look at how you connect to others, through the written and spoken word, social media, speaking engagements, teaching, learning, online or off. Every thought you have has extra juice now, carrying more weight and portent. Whether you counsel others, publish books, blogs or newsletters, teach, code, support, translate or ghostwrite, you have the chance to say more, do more, reach more, ready at your fingertips. Set the intention to expand your voice, to spread the word, to amp up your influence because that’s where you will find to gold. See to it, and trust the path!

CAPRICORN: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings a boost to your financial sector in ways you have yet to experience. Yes, it’s a roll up the sleeves and do the work year, but the rewards are outstanding. You’ll want to prepare by clearing out any old gremlin thoughts of lack or undeserving because the gold we’re talking about here comes in by the truckloads. Set intentions that support a strong sense of worthiness as your money and finances, income streams and cash flow grows, and grows and grows. Along side of this, your talents expand, giving you the sense of plentiful and well-deserved abundance. Can you image it? That is all you have to do!

AQUARIUS: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings a whole new you. With six out of ten planets in your home sign (the most you can have now for decades to come) you are given a magic wand. Where you wave it is completely up to you, but any intentions set around the four major pillars of your life – Self and creative self expression, partnerships of the most genuine and authentic kind, home and family/tribe connections that light you up, career, mission and profession that resonates to the core – all are set to come true. Your only job is to meet this energy half-way by believing so, even before there is any evidence to support it. Faith, now, in the unknown future is your strongest ally. So be it!

PISCES: Chinese New Year of the Ox brings the most magical of years. The energy around you is zapping with power as your connection to Source, to your higher guidance, as it lifts you up to new levels. You’re going to want to tap this cornucopia of experiences on offer. If you work in counseling, healing, creative arts, music, herbs or helping professions, you will be glowing with an uplifting force. Others will seek you out for your energy, your vibe, whether they call it that or not. If you are a tarot reader, psychic or medium, the amplitude will startle, and delight. Tap this energy by setting intentions around how you can serve, be a voice to those silenced, and how you can listen MORE to your inner guidance. The path is laid. Now all you do is walk it, and feel blessed.


  1. Auretha says:

    Seeings as I just learned my chart is more influenced by Pisces and Capricorn than my Sun Sag, I’m so thrilled that all 3 scopes fed me with inspiration and courage to seriously GO BIGGER than I’ve gone this year!! Thank you Kim for your endless encouragement!

  2. Kim says:

    Everyone! Just letting you know we now have ARCHIVES for the scopes, starting with December 2020. Thanks Karen for the suggestion! or click on the menu under Things to Do! (or the link at the top of this page)

  3. Donna says:

    Happy New Moon!

    Libra ASC

    Being my most sexy, alluring, confident self.

    Tingling with excitement.

    Taurus ☀️

    Focus on my projects of writing and photos.

    Aquarius 🌒

    Intention to Celebrate!

  4. Karen says:

    So synchronistic!

    Is there anywhere I can view the scopes for the December new moon eclipse, published on 13th December?
    I’d really like to read mine please! (Leo)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Spot on as always, soul sister 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    As a early born Capricorn (12/23) it’s been really heavy the last few years. Glad to know I can chill a bit now! My moon is Virgo and my Asc is Scorpio. Intense much?! Ha! Thanks for your uplifting guidance. 🦋

    • Kim says:

      My pleasure. With your birthday so close to the Solstice, you will have that exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your solar return chart – all year long! Very exciting!

  7. Nikki D says:

    I was just taking an Epsom salt bath and was wishing for New Moon Scope report from you! Then voila! I love Libra ASC with the “year of magical connections”❤️. This Jupe and Saturn conjunction in Aqua for me is huge with my sun at 1 and NN at 5. ⭐️

  8. marilyn says:

    Certainly some beauties in this one… thanks heaps Kimbo ❤💥❤

  9. Satisha says:

    I just can’t wait each month for your New Moon/ Full Moon posts wisdom, guidance and support. You always offer me different ways to move forward and I really appreciate that…thanks YOU Kim…XX

  10. Roxie says:

    I always read all 3 : rising, moon and sun which validate what I’m going through, dreams, wishes, conflicts 🙂

  11. soewnearth says:

    This Crab is off home hunting tomorrow, And my Aquarius rising is very excited about the possibilities.

  12. I love your horoscopes sooooo much Kim. There is always a sense of calm and positivity even if the Astro is “challenging”. Read Pisces (sun) and Sag (rising) and feel everything is just fine. Thank you

  13. Ash Girl says:

    Spot on Kim I read my kids as well as mine and a couple of friends they truly are spot on Thanks For your insightt …. XxxX

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow …. They are so spot on !! I read my kids and they’re exactly where they’re at <3 same with me Thank You for your amazing insight I am very grateful <3 XxxX

  15. Ashlee says:

    Ooh thesis exciting for me with the area’s I have been trying to manifest Thanks Kim <3 Xx

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all your insights!

  17. Satisha D says:

    Thanks Kim, I really love and appreciate your insights in the moon phases…XX

  18. Quilly says:

    I love this dark, intimate space. Happy to be here with friends 🥰

  19. Anonymous says:

    So helpful to get a peek at things from your astro savvy perspective! 🙂

  20. Brent Nelson says:

    Have a blessed New Moon! <3 🙂

  21. Dee says:

    Awesome new moon info for this Sagittarius sun, moon in Scorpio read also and Virgo rising!

  22. Abhilash Govil says:

    Loved reading it! My first time in here….excellent! By the way am a Scorpio Nov2nd born In INDIA… follow astrology inquisitively….best regards! Stay safe stay healthy 🙏

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