Bare Bone Scopes June 20 – July 19 2020

Are you ready for the June 21st Solstice Eclipse? Sign by sign tips active for the next six months! Timestamps take you straight to your sun sign. Enjoy!

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Bare Bone Scopes May 22nd – June 20th 2020

Throw the Bones Cards - Twin Suns
LA – May 22 – 10:39 am
NY – May 22 – 1:39 pm
LON – May 22 – 6:39 pm
SYD – May 23 – 3:39 am

The May New Moon falls on the 22nd – 23rd, an auspicious time, especially for those who love to read, write, chat and challenge the flow of communication.

In a time of isolation and social distancing, it brings its own set of conditions, ones we can use to make the most of our experiences.

Sign by Sign Scopes

ARIES: This is the perfect month to re-evaluate all forms of communication starting with your internet server plan, hardware, software, social media and then, on to your links to friends, family and partners. There ARE ways to connect! Check also if there’s anything you’d like to study or teach. Bottom line – share ideas with others, and pause a moment to listen back.

TAURUS: Any changes you initiated last month are still in the works, maturing and gaining momentum. They may even have hit the pause button for reconsideration. You’ll know soon if you made the best choice but, in any case, now’s the time to be adaptive. Most bulls have an exceptionally good forecast for money and finances, as long as you aren’t pounding square pegs into round holes. Be yourself.

GEMINI: New Moon this month puts attention on your Solar Return – your birthday chart! Among other things, it activates your image, style and how you come across. You might do some rethinking. For example, is your wardrobe, hair and MO current with who you really are? Think of this month as percolation time for a new self-image and know this: Your powers of persuasion are growing!

CANCER: This month is about letting go of the ego, stepping aside and allowing for more compassion to rise. No limits. No judgment. Life brightens when you commune with nature, spend time near water and nurture your heart. Relationships may take a feisty turn, meaning you’ll need more space, more exercise and possibly more ‘me’ time. Take it without apology!

LEO: Lions do best this month by focusing on goals for the future. It’s a two-step process: 1) make sure you are pursuing authentic desires 2) take inspired action. Repeat. Friendships are important right now as well, not just for inspiration but for essential, honest feedback. To up your overall Feng Shui, follow the advice of your totem animal – get more sleep.

VIRGO: This month is all about your mission in life. Be it a profession, job or hobby, the stage doesn’t matter. What makes all the difference is that you love it, deeply and profoundly. Anything less and it’s not taking you where you want to go in the long run. It the mountain top is not in reach yet, go for more obtainable ambitions like good food, good company and a warm bed. Fill those needs and you’re on your way.

LIBRA: New horizons are going to bring fresh insights this month but you must be ready to change course in a moment’s notice. You gain inner perspective by going off the beaten path, be it via the imagination, guided meditations or The idea? Take your mind, body or spirit somewhere it’s never been before. Your ruler Venus is retrograde, hence to need to be adaptive. Save any major relationship decisions for next month!

SCORPIO: This month is all about shared resources and collaborations but be warned, someone could get cocky. Even with luck on your side, don’t risk the whole farm. When it comes to financial ventures, do your homework and remember there are no guarantees, especially in these unstable times. If you get a wee bit cranky yourself, try the simple cures – sunshine, exercise, nature and sensual delights. Treat yourself!

SAGITTARIUS: This lunar cycle is all about re-visioning your relationships, picturing them as an authentic match to you. That is, who you are today, not yesterday or tomorrow. The goal is to drop anything you’ve been tolerating and focus on real connections. You want to feel free to be yourself, no cramping of style. Amp up self-love and all will benefit.

CAPRICORN: Sea-Goats run on auto-pilot this month with ruler Saturn traveling retrograde. Taking charge of the little things you are responsible for will help you make choices that bring the best results. When in doubt, pause, and put more energy into the body, health and physical well-being. You might feel a bit lethargic in June. Walks in nature and time with pets will help.

AQUARIUS: Water-bearers imbibe a child-like spirit this month, so plan for more goofing-off than getting things done. And yes, you can do this with social distancing and isolation, no worries. Use your imagination to find inspiration for dates, dinners, walks under the stars Remember Lake House? Now there was an innovative date! Above all, allow yourself to have fun!

PISCES: This lunar cycle has you rapidly sorting out the schism between career goals, financial responsibilities and domestic desires. At this point in time, you want to put more emphasis on making your household a sanctuary. That means, a sanctuary for you, not others (necessarily). It’s too easy for you to please those you love, so take this month to please yourself first.


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