Phantoms 101 – Alters

Alter Phantom by Anna Campbell Art

Path of the Alter Phantom

Phantoms reside in the depths of a Savants’ soul until, with training, they are raised, held to solid form and directed to help, serve and defend the realms. Alter phantoms, like their savants, have high levels of communication and teaching skills and are trained in the arts of alchemy and science, surveillance, hunting, defense and in the times of war, espionage.

Grace at Dawn by Craig Kosak

Alter Basics

Native Lands: Gollnar, Southern Aturnia and parts of Tangeen. (See map)

Appearance: They can take any form, animal, vegetable, mineral.

Abilities: Shapeshifters. Advanced alters can also change the shape of things they touch, or bite.

Alter Phantom
Ave Fenix – Ascenso

Developmental Stages: These phantoms can take a long time to hold a single shape. When first raised, they are only a mist or fog. Over time they will take their solid form. It usually ranges from two to five different ‘shapes’ from humanoid to stone to quadruped to bird. The more advanced savants have ways of guiding their phantoms to use different chemical elements to transform (a box made out of gold might shift into a medium size quadruped; a whole valley of fog might be only fifty warriors).

Raise. Your. Phantom.

Because the training of an alter savant is so well rounded and the link to the phantoms so highly developed (because they have to learn to stay connected from shift to shift) they are often found in positions of honor and power. For example, every High Savant of Aku has been an alter for the last 300 years.

God of Evanescence by SandguisGelidus on DiveantArt

How about you? Does the alter class resonate with your phantom within? Or will you raise a healer, ouster, warrior or caller? Let us know in the comments.

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