Phantoms 101 – Callers

Caller Phantom Card - Art by Anna Campbell Art

The Path of the Caller

Phantoms reside in the depths of a Savants’ soul and with training, they can be raised, held to solid form and commanded. Some say they are the shadow side of the Savant, but they are also an embodiment of their will. Let’s be clear. They have a will of their own! Training does not always come easy.

Native Land: Realm of Palrio, parts of Tangeen and the Islands to the south.

Appearance: Must have a voice/song capable of sustained and complex notes. Often birds, wolves. Monkeys, feline, canine.

Servalis-Dtam-Chu by m0zch0ps
Servalis-Dtam-Chu by m0zch0ps on Deviantart

Abilities: Call things, animal, vegetable, mineral, animate and inanimate, toward them through visualization and sound. Used in conjunction with a healer (calling out toxins), battle (calling weapons, avalanches, thunderbolts, storms at sea. Can call oxygen from fire to put it out, also calling up dreams, feelings, moods. The song of the caller can work on a deep emotional level, cause people to change their minds or even fall in love. The every advanced can call blood from bone, and memories from the mind.

Over half the Callers in Amassia have the power of flight. Rainbow Gryphette by BJPentecost on Deviantart.

Developmental Stages: These phantoms develop at a moderate rate. Often their savant has a talent for voice and music and will train in these disciplines. They learn instruments that play in the same octave as their phantom’s to understand intellectually what the vocals of the phantom can do. A large part of their training is like music school.

These are the freest spirited and optimistic phantoms. They can be trained in specialities from healing to battle. 

How about you? Does the caller class resonate with your phantom within? Or will you raise a healer, ouster, warrior or alter?

Love to hear from you 🙂