Curse of Shadows by AK Wilder - out December 6, 2022

Curse of Shadows

For fans of epic fantasy with adventure and romance, Curse of Shadows reveals a world of unique magic, breathtaking action and unforgettable love.

Amassia teeters on the brink of the next Great Dying.
The second sun has returned as our Bone Throwers foresaw–casting the nine realms into war. 

My name is Ash, and I fell in the battle for Baiseen. But I’m awake now, slowly putting the pieces back together.
My Heir has lost his throne

My sailor is gone.
And there is an emptiness inside me I can’t explain.

Amid the chaos, someone must collect the original twelve whistle bones from all corners of the world. Marcus is named to lead the cause, but with his volatile phantom, he’ll need diplomacy as much as his sword. And we are not the only ones to seek the bones.

Yet succeed we must.

Because if we don’t, it will be death to all…

Crown of Bones

Crown of Bones by AK Wilder
Crown of Bones by AK Wilder – Book #1 in the Amassia Series

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40 responses to “Books”

  1. Kim Avatar

    Hey everyone, I’m testing out a new comment form. Unfortunately, it will mean the previous comments are nix.

    Let’s see about that!

  2. valeriew Avatar

    I’m currently reading A Crown of Bones, and I would LOVE to have a map to refer to when all of these amazing places are mentioned. I’m sure you have it all in your head. Any chance you’re planning to share?


    1. Kim Avatar

      Hi Valerie,

      The map is in the hardback copy, and should be in the ebook two… let me check mine. But the map is here on the site under Things to Do –> ART: There is also an older color version up….

      I definitely re-check the map when I am writing, even though I made it right from the start. LOL

      Hope you are loving the story world!


  3. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

    Hey everyone!

    This is so Mercury retrograde….

    I just had to take down the counter for Curse of Shadows. Don’t worry! It’s coming out in 2022 (I am promised by Entangle Pub on that) but the release date has changed. I am sorry… it’s completely out of my hands.

    You might notice a LOT of titles in the USA getting a switcher-R-roo this year…. I feel for all the authors shifting gears right about now.

    But… because you guys are HERE, I want to do my best to get you an ARC of Curse of Shadows the moment they are printed. Let me know if you are interested.


    1. Tiana Avatar

      Wait is this real because I am SO interested and have been looking at the release date every two weeks since the first one came out.

      1. Kim Avatar

        Hi Tinna,

        According to my publisher, and the outlets like Amazon, the current release date is December 6, 2022. So out this year, just.

        I will post the moment I hear solid conformation – like the manuscript getting final copy edits and then going to the printers.

        I do have three new chapter heads for three ‘new’ point of view characters in the series. I’ll post them asap and see if you all can guess who in the Crown of Bones will be in the pages with their own voice.

        I do hope you love the series!


  4. Jocie Wheeler Avatar
    Jocie Wheeler

    Where can I buy curse of shadows? I really want to read it! The first book was really good.

    1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

      Hi Joice!

      So glad you enjoyed the first book. Curse of Shadows isn’t out yet, but you can preorder the eBook now, or (soon) the hardback, it that’s your reading preference. The date has moved a few times, but it looks like early June 2022, but could be sooner.

      Thanks for dropping in!

      xxKim (aka AK Wilder)

      1. Kim Avatar

        So now it’s been pushed again to December 6th. So sorry for the delay… Hopefully this release date sticks!

  5. Alicia Avatar

    Hello! I will right a full review later if I remember but in case I don’t I want to write now. Just for reference, I am a high school Freshman and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Crown of Bones!!! I am about 140 pages in and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I think that proper promotion it will become extremely popular. I used to read all of the time (a book a week) but haven’t read a book now in a whole year though I have tried different books. Crown of Bones has been the book to get me back into reading again and I am so grateful!!! The story and characters is so addicting, intriguing and completely fabulous. With most books you can predict what will happen but with this book I don’t know! I am shocked that this book is not already as popular as books like the Hunger Games and I will do my best to try to promote it. This book is truly a masterpiece that takes me into a different world and compels me to continue reading.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Alicia! There is nothing more fulfilling for an author to wake up to a review like the one you just wrote. I hope you to spread the word because your words are golden! Thank you so so much for letting me know your thoughts. Please drop in anytime!

      If you want some swag, bookmark and bits and pieces, I’ll ask my agent if she can send you some. Just email me your address if interested.

      Again, that you so much! xxKim

  6. Pier Avatar

    When I was about 10 years old, I picked up a book in Barnes and Noble and discovered a love for reading for the first time. When I read it, I was so gripped by the story that I actually forgot I was reading a book. It was like discovering something magical, and I will never forget it.

    Well after many years and many more books since then, I can honestly say that I had that same experience for only the second time in my life when I read Crown of Bones, and it felt like discovering the magic of reading all over again. I. Loved. This. Book. So much so, that I just ordered the physical copy despite already owning the Kindle version. This book deserves to be displayed on a shelf and admired. I cannot wait to continue this series, and I have been very enthusiastically recommending it to all of my friends and strangers alike.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Dearest Pier,

      I’m having trouble typing through the tears. Seriously, there is no higher compliment you could give a book, or an author, than what you’ve just said. Thank you so much for letting me know. It’s a dream come true to write a story that can give that experience to readers.

      I’m overwhelmed. And so grateful for your support.

      Everyone coming here and sharing their wonderful thoughts is beyond what I have hoped for.


      1. Pier Avatar

        Ah, thank you for the kind response!! I am so thrilled to be able to compliment you and your book directly, because I really wanted you to know how much I loved it. Thank you again, and so much love to you! Xx

        1. Kim Avatar

          You are most welcome, and so appreciated! xxKim

  7. Kate Avatar

    Oh my gosh, this book raised to my #1 favorite book. I was so sad to find out the second book hasn’t been released yet! I just wanted to read more! I can’t wait for the next book to be released, and now I have to find another book until the second book is released. I usually go through roughly 3 books a month. Before I started your book I had just finished A Court Of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas and I didn’t think any book could compare after finishing that series for the second time, but Crown Of Bones definitely compared, actually more than compared. I had to go tell all my book nerd friends about it and they are excited to read/listen to it!!!

    1. Kim Avatar


      You have just made my day. No, I think you might have made my year! Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts about Crown of Bones! I am sorry you have to wait for the next books.

      I have them all written, but the publisher has a schedule, and a plan for them, as is always the case. The fact is (this you will only hear on my site/Wilder Newsletter and not on social media) they want book two to read not only as the next book in the series but as a standalone…(so more people will be likely to read it) which means the first ten chapters of Book #2 are being cut.

      Stop reading the red text if you have not read Crown of Bones yet! The first ten chapters are the fight for Baiseen seen through Marcus, Ash, Kaylin and De’ral’s POV. The story isn’t changing but the pub thought it would be hard for a newbie coming in on that battle scene not knowing the characters or phantoms etc….

      So, after reading your most uplifting, heartening words, I have an idea: Release those chapters to readers as a free ‘deleted chapter’ bonus. I’ll ask my agent about it at our next Zoom. It’s still going to be a wait, but getting past the cliffhanger ending, for the very keen readers, might be something.

      I’ll post here any updates on that thought. I am not sure if they would go for it, but I love the idea.

      Kate, thanks again for your wonderful words! I’m so glad you dropped in!

      1.  Avatar

        I would most definitely would not be opposed to reading those chapters, I can’t wait!

        1. Kim Avatar

          I’ll keep you posted!


  8. Sariah Avatar

    Oh my gosh I absolutely adore this books, I finished it in a day, thats what you call getting sucked into a book! You are an incredible writer! I’m so excited for the next adventure these characters get to take me on🤩

    1. Kim (AK Wilder) Avatar

      Sariah, I am thrilled to the heart that you love the story so much. There is more to come… a lot more. I am working on the book #2 edits now. Thank you for dropping in!

  9. Tiana Avatar

    You know, I think reading is a dying art. Not many people, especially people my age, read with purpose and passion anymore. I read a book every few days, and hit up my local bookstore a couple times a week to stock up, which is where I found this book. It is wonderful and captivating and everything that defines the phrase “sucks the reader in.” I am just so excited that I found it, because this is the kind of book that made me want to start reading in the first place- the kind of book that will make new readers want to start, too. Entirely underrated thus far, and I can’t wait to read the next.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Tania, you just made my day with this post. I so hope that reading, and storytelling, isn’t a dying art, and you are evidence that my hopes are well founded.

      I love that you spotted Crown of Bones, and gave it a try (from your local bookshop who must LOVE you), and you were sucked into the world of Amassia. That was my goal, my once and always goal, to give readers an experience of belonging and connecting to other worlds, other lives.

      I hope, as the word is spread, that more people will find their way to Amassia, to Ash, and Marcus and Kaylin… oh gosh, Salila and the whole company too. The Path knows, they need all the support they can get!

      Thank you so much for dropping in and sharing your awesome thoughts! It has truly lit me up

  10. Nina Avatar

    I absolutely love Crown of Bones! The detail you put into every little thing is absolutely amazing! I am oh so happy that I stumbled across your book. I’m oh so exited for the next book! <3

    1. Nina Avatar

      Oh, one more thing, do you have any tips for aspiring writers such as myself? Thank you! <3

      1. Kim Avatar

        Nina, I would love to offer you some tips. Where are you at right now in the writing process? Brainstorming an idea? Working on some scenes or chapters? Have a completed draft?

        Your writing process might look different at every stage of the journey but two things will help you, no matter what. Actually, three things.

        1. Treat it like a job. Treat yourself like a writer! Give yourself the respect right now that you will have from others when you publish. Everything starts with how you see yourself. As a writer! Make sure you have a goal for EACH day, be it x number of words on the page, a scene edited, a plot examined, a character refined… meet those goals, EVERY day! Respect the Muse.

        2. You can’t really be ‘taught’ a creative voice but you CAN learn grammar. Punctuation. The TOOLS of writing. Learn those. The mechanical side of telling your story is as important as your imagination.

        3. READ as much as you write. Inside your genre, outside. Read the good, the outstanding, the bad and the WTF? The more you read, the more you’ll start to recognize what can work, what doesn’t… and develop what worlds for you.

        Hope that helps!


        1. Nina Avatar

          Thank you Ms. Kim! Your advice really helps. I love your books and am so exited for the second book! <3

          1. Kim Avatar

            You are so welcome. Let me know how you go with your own writing

    2. Kim Avatar

      Thank you, Nina. That’s thrilling and I’m glad you stumbled across it too! Was that in a local book store, or?

      I’m getting book #2 finalized for the editing process now! 🙂

      You won’t have to wait too long!

      1. Nina Avatar

        Yes, it was a local bookstore. I am so exited for book two! <3

        1. Kim Avatar

          That’s awesome. Thanks so much for your support, and for dropping by!

  11. Jordan Avatar

    I’m currently reading through your book right now and I really like it. I am doing a project on your book and I have one question for you. What was the meaning or message behind writing this book?

    1. Kim Avatar

      Hi Jordan, I’m glad you are liking it! And, that’s a good question. The simple answer is to wake something up in the reader. That ‘something’ may well be different for each person, but my goal is to resonate, to connect, to evoke, lighting a spark in the reader as they immerse in the story. I want the character’s journey to become their journey so they can find, at least while reading, a sense of belonging.

      There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens in the mind when we are ‘in the story’ (be it a book, film or show, even some role-playing games). When we feel connected, it is like having that connection in real life. We learn from it, grow from it, experience friendship. It’s called social surrogacy, or parasocial relationships, if you want to explore further.

      But meanwhile, for me, if the readers feels something, if emotions are awakened, ideas lit up, awareness of others, of the environment, of themselves and their own path, their own choices, then the story rang true. And that’s it for me as a writer. That the story, even set in a made-up world, rings true. Also, if there is some fun to be had, like a roller-coaster ride, that’s also a win!

      So, whatever meaning you as the reader take from my books is the right one. I would ask, how did the story make me feel? Who are you, when you’re reading?

      Does that make sense? 🙂

      1. Jordan Avatar

        Thank you for responding. It made sense and I just wanted to ask one more thing. What was the theme you were going for in this book?

        1. Kim Avatar

          Hi Jordon,

          There are many themes that have risen up in the process of writing the Amassia series, but I wouldn’t say I was ‘going’ for any of them consciously. At least not at first. When I write, it’s all about immersing in the world and characters and the ‘story’s desire to ‘speak”. I don’t know how else to explain it. There’s nothing planned, at the start, other than to share an idea or vision. In this case, it was ‘what will the world be like in 250 million years, when all the continents return to one…will their be humans, technology, or diverse races with powers that to us appear to be magic?

          As I started to write, imagining the answers, I saw a world on the brink of environmental disaster – another Great Dying – so there is a strong theme there, and the power of friendship and connection that binds the group of young companions who support the Heir, and do what they must…
          There is also a theme identity, empowerment, or dis-empowerment, and what can cause either. I did purposely want to explore mental health and shadow projection (phantoms) and differing perceptions of reality that change with various points of view. (Child sacrifice for one people is the continuation of the race to another… )
          But the most important theme is a sense of belonging, what I hope readers feel when they are in the pages, journeying along with the characters, feeling part of it all
          That’s the gold for me, in storytelling — transporting a reader ‘there’ so they can experience it all in their own way.

          Make sense?

          Let me know how you go with your project!

          1. Jordan Avatar

            Yes, thank you very much!

  12. Amanda Tilley Avatar
    Amanda Tilley

    I’m am so happy I came across this book on someone’s Instagram account! I honestly love how different this fantasy book is from every other book of the same genre. I’m dying to know what happens to Kaylen and Ash. I wish I could go back in time and change my son’s name now dangit!

    1. Kim Avatar

      Amanda, I am so glad you loved the book! I’m doing another work through of book #2 right now in readiness for the editing process. It all starts soon.

      And if you work out the time travel, let me know! 🙂

      xx Kim (AK Wilder)

  13. Elisabeth Avatar

    This book is epic!! I’m dying for the next one!! When will we know more? I have so many questions, I need so many answers!! Thank you for an incredible book, it’s amazing!

    1. AK Wilder Avatar

      Elisabeth! I am thrilled that you have enjoyed the journey with Marcus, Ash and Kaylin – with them all! I intend for every single reader question to be answered by the end of book three.

      All three books in the series are written and now we just wait and see what Entangled Publishing and Macmillan plan for the next release. I do know that the better Crown of Bones is received, the quicker Path of Bones (working title for book #2) is released. I would love it to have a June or July birthday – the perfect summer read in the States, or cozy winter read down here in Aus.

      I will keep everyone posted, for sure!


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