Where kindred spirits meet…
  • The Siren

    This is how the story began, with The Siren by John William Waterhouse – Sotheby’s Lot.12, Public Domain  From its muse-like call (haunting actually) the world […]
    The Siren by John William Waterhouse 1900
  • Twin Sun Flag

    Here is the Twin Sun Flag, seen on the masts of Tann’s ships, and in the Aturnian camp. Also on the flyers Ash discovers on the […]
    Twin Sun Flag
  • More Chapter Head Images for Crown of Bones

    A whistle bone chapter header. Art by Anna Campbell.
    A single whistle bone
  • Salila’s Chapter Head Art

    This wave is at the head of all of Salila’s (sah-LEE-lah) chapters in Crown of Bones. Art by Anna Campell.
    Salila Chapter Heads - Wave by Anna Campbell
  • Kaylin’s Sword

    Kaylin’s sword heads each of his chapters. Art by Anna Campbell.  
    Kaylin's sword
  • Ash’s Record Book

    This is an image by Anna Campbell used for the heads of the chapters with Ash’s POV. (Hint – what do we see on that page?) […]
    Ash's books
  • Marcus’s War Axe

    This weapon is used on the chapter heads for Marcus’s point of view. Art by Anna Campbell.  
    Marcus's War Axe
  • Master Brogal’s Phantom – C’cen

    This chapter head art by Anna Campbell appears twice in Crown of Bones, in the prolog and the final chapter.
    Master Brogal's firebird phantom
  • Map of Amassia

    Here's the Map ready for formatting into the pages into Crown of Bones by A.K. Wilder, Entangled Publishing.
    Map of Amassia