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  • Amassia – World Building in the Crown of Bones

    The world of Amassia, where the story of the Bone Throwers series takes place, holds much mystery and surprise. Surviving many Great Dyings, the land itself […]
    Magic Cliff by Shamanik7
  • Ash’s Record Book

    This is an image by Anna Campbell used for the heads of the chapters with Ash’s POV. (Hint – what do we see on that page?) […]
    Ash's books
  • Kaylin’s Sword

    Kaylin’s sword heads each of his chapters. Art by Anna Campbell.  
    Kaylin's sword
  • Map of Amassia

    Here's the Map ready for formatting into the pages into Crown of Bones by A.K. Wilder, Entangled Publishing.
    Map of Amassia
  • Marcus’s War Axe

    This weapon is used on the chapter heads for Marcus’s point of view. Art by Anna Campbell.  
    Marcus's War Axe
  • Master Brogal’s Phantom – C’cen

    This chapter head art by Anna Campbell appears twice in Crown of Bones, in the prolog and the final chapter.
    Master Brogal's firebird phantom
  • Salila’s Chapter Head Art

    This wave is at the head of all of Salila’s (sah-LEE-lah) chapters in Crown of Bones. Art by Anna Campell.
    Salila Chapter Heads - Wave by Anna Campbell
  • The Siren

    This is how the story began, with The Siren by John William Waterhouse – Sotheby’s Lot.12, Public Domain  From its muse-like call (haunting actually) the world […]
    The Siren by John William Waterhouse 1900