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  • Amassia – World Building in the Crown of Bones

    The world of Amassia, where the story of the Bone Throwers series takes place, holds much mystery and surprise. Surviving many Great Dyings, the land itself […]
    Magic Cliff by Shamanik7
  • Bare Bones Scopes

    Bare Bone Scopes for February 22 – March 22 (equinox) 2020 New Moon 4° Pisces 28′ LA – February 23 – 7:31 am NY – February […]
  • Pre-Order Crown of Bones

    Pre-order Crown of Bones here! In a world on the brink of the next Great Dying, no amount of training can prepare us for what is to come …
    Crown of Bones by AK Wilder
  • Ash’s Journal

    Kaylin by AnnaCampbellART Ash records the phase of the moon and other interesting events on the initiate journey to Aku.
  • World of Amassia

    The lands and seas of Amassia Map by Kim Falconer In eons to come, the Earth’s continents will rejoin as one, Amassia, the land of savants, […]
  • Map of Amassia

    The single continent of Amassia – by Image by Kim Falconer Third planet from the sun, residing between Venus and Mars, Amassia has had up to […]
  • The Phantom Within

    What phantom resides within you? “Let’s review.” Brogal speaks to us all. “Who can tell me what the phantom is?” Branden raises his hand. “The hidden […]
    The Bone Throwers by AK Wilder
  • Salila – the Mar

    Salila the Mar woman by Anna Campbell I let go of the reef anchoring me to the ocean floor and rise a few fathoms. The current […]
  • Kaylin – the Boson’s Mate

    Kaylin – the Boson’s Mate by Anna Campbell When I first see Kaylin, all my attention is drawn toward him as he descends from the crow’s […]